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Junior golfers practice their swing at Fox Hopyard Golf Club

The purpose of the Junior Golf Program is designed to strengthen a child’s interest and development in the game of golf. It will emphasize the importance of the games basic fundamentals, sportsmanship and fitness in a FUN, comfortable learning environment. The focus will be learning golf in a FUN atmosphere through drills, skill competitions and games.

The improvement of our juniors’ golfing skills is just one objective of our program. Observing one’s own progress provides pleasure and satisfaction and is very important to any youngster. Working on fine motor skills also has its share of educational opportunities, such as exposure to the undeniable law of effort and reward – and its relationship to success and failure.

However, skill improvement is not the only objective of our program. Fairness and equitable treatment, as taught through the rules of golf, are equally applicable to the rules of life in general. Courage, perseverance and self-control are enduring values which can strengthen a youngster’s character through competitive golf.

We look forward to helping each youngster develop skills in golf – a sport that is so aptly described as “the game for a lifetime.”

Junior golfers practice their swing at Fox Hopyard Golf Club

Total Development

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Educational

Certainly one of the most important aspects of starting juniors in golf and in maintaining their interests is in providing proper golf equipment. Our goal is to make clubs available and affordable to our junior golfers. Our “clubs for kids” program is designed to get the juniors started and to ascertain their level of interest. Once the junior is “committed” to the game we recommend that you order top of the line manufactured models.

As far as getting started goes we will donate a club to any junior who participates in our junior programs. In addition, our professional staff will alter existing clubs for the cost of materials ($4.00). Any donated clubs from either parents or juniors who have grown out of them would be put to good use.

Our golf professionals will offer club fitting advise to every junior in our program.