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Regular Single & Family Memberships

Members may book advance tee times and do not pay greens fees or practice range fees. Golf cart fees are optional and are not included. Members may have guests use the club’s facilities by paying the applicable guest fee. A full golf family membership shall include the member’s spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 23 who live at home or attend school on a full-time basis. Locker fees now included.

View of the clubhouse at Fox Hopyard Golf Club

Junior Golf Membership (Ages 21-27)

Members in this category enjoy all the benefits of regular membership. Upon graduating to intermediate membership, dues increase to prevailing intermediate rate and balance of refundable certificate to intermediate level is due.

Intermediate Golf Membership (Ages 28-34)

Members in this category would enjoy all of the benefits of regular membership. Upon graduation to regular membership, dues increase to prevailing regular member rate and balance of refundable certificate to regular level is due.

*Junior and Intermediate (single or family) age requirement is determined by January 1st of the calendar year when joining. Family membership is determined by the age of the elder spouse.

Legacy Membership

This classification of membership is for children of current members under the age of 35. There is no initiation for Legacy members. Legacy members fall into either the junior or intermediate membership classification and pay the corresponding certificate and dues.

Business Membership

Business Membership offers the opportunity for up to 4 memberships with one Business Membership initiation fee. The memberships have to all be employees of the same company. Each member under this business membership would then pay the appropriate refundable certificates and corresponding dues.

Corporate Membership Program

We have several options for businesses interested in a corporate membership.

Please note: Note: Dues, initiation fee, and membership surcharges are subject to Connecticut State admissions taxes. If you would like to talk directly with a Fox Hopyard staff member to discuss membership, give us a call at Call Fox Hopyard for membership info at (800) 943-1903 or fill out the form provided.

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